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Course Topics

This one-day course is designed for those interested in learning ways to enhance their effectiveness as a supervisor and leader within their organization. The course covers how generations, attitudes, and personalities impact employee performance and how supervisors can positively impact employee performance. Participants will develop a leadership self-improvement plan, based on methods discussed during the course.

Influencing the
Performance of Others

Research indicates that the management and culture of an organization are among the most important factors influencing police behavior. How leaders respond to officers regarding their behavior towards each other and the citizens they serve directly affects whether law enforcement is viewed as an institution that demonstrates integrity. The primary goal of this course is to define ethical leadership and apply concepts into future decision-making and actions that will help motivate others to build trust and maintain respect. The course is for individual participants or groups of individuals from law enforcement agencies.

Ethical Leadership: Supervising with Integrity

This one-day course is designed for those who wish to develop and enhance their leadership skills. The goal is to provide information and resources to define and apply leadership styles and coaching skills to the supervision of others. Participants will develop self-improvement plans to guide ongoing leadership development.

Principles of Being an Effective Leader

This unique course is tailored for women in today’s workforce. The course will focus on key areas to include: emotional intelligence, leadership styles, and managing conflict: working with challenging personalities and difficult situations.

Women in the Workforce


This course can be offered in a one- or two-day format, using a classroom or computer lab approach. Participants are encouraged to bring laptops/tablets as they learn about the fundamentals of finding funding, planning for grant applications, planning effective projects/programs, and writing applications that will get noticed. Learn about the major C’s of effective grant writing; hear about what funding agencies want and how applications are reviewed and scored.

Grant Writing

This one-day course is designed to help grantees make a smooth transition into implementation for new awards. Learn about techniques to identify, collect and measure performance data, manage grant files, and develop meaningful progress, performance, and final reports. Participants will receive templates and samples for effective grant management. Laptop use is encouraged during the course. Bring current projects to the training for one-on-one assistance.

Grant Implementation

A well-developed strategic plan is one that can move seamlessly from development to action. It must consider the end-user or recipient of the services being planned and align resources with anticipated outcomes, with success measured by impact as well as outcomes.  This three-day training course is designed for teams to work on developing the framework for a strategic plan during the training.

Strategic Planning -
Team Training

Grant Writing

CIC offers many different courses on topics such as leadership, ethics, grant writing, and crime prevention. Our experienced team can also develop customized training material to meet specific client needs, such as conferences or multi-day training courses. Interested in hosting a CIC course? Need a course designed for your agency? Contact us for more information! 

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