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We provide training, facilitation, and consulting services to support leadership development and enhance an  organization’s capabilities. Working collaboratively with both private and public agencies, CIC can customize courses and services to meet a client’s unique needs.

About CIC

Our Team

Ed Krueger

Director  | Center for Innovative Change
With 50 years of experience in law enforcement, juvenile/criminal justice, and public safety, Edward J. Krueger now serves as the Director of CIC, where he consults on leadership, crime reduction, security/loss prevention, and interagency collaboration. He has built multi-jurisdictional coordinated efforts across tribal and non-tribal jurisdictions, and worked as an advocate of Tribal justice efforts at all levels of government. Mr. Krueger has been recognized as the Wisconsin Technical College System educator of the year, Native American Law Enforcement Summit executive of the year, and recognition from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, OJP, U.S. DOJ for his work with multi-jurisdictional conferences. Highlights of Mr. Krueger’s career include his time as a police officer in Dubuque, Iowa and proudly serving in the United States Air Force.

Rebecca Murdock

Deputy Director  | Center for Innovative Change

Clint Letch

Consultant  | Center for Innovative Change

Clint J. Letch recently retired as an investigator working with the Minneapolis Police Department in the Violent Crimes Investigations Division. His 30-year career included serving as a Nationally Certified Advanced Defensive Tactics Instructor and a trainer for newly promoted Sergeants. While working as a consultant for the U.S. DOJ and as the President of the Native American Law Enforcement Summit (NALES), he was a trusted resource, often called upon to brief U.S. Senators and others. Clint oversees the Safety and Security for NBC Sunday Night Football in Minnesota. He is a licensed pilot and is proud of his Marine Corps service. He currently serves as a consulting member of the CIC Leadership team.

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